3 mile island ferry shut down in Georgia due to flooding

Three miles of the Three Mile Island ferry terminal in Georgia has been closed due to heavy rain and flooding, according to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

Deal announced the closure of the ferry service, which was operating between Georgia and the Carolinas, on Tuesday.

Deal said the ferry had to be shut down due to a “troubling” water condition that was expected to cause flooding.

Deal tweeted a photo of the shut down, which included a sign that read “NO ROAD CAN BE HOVED.”

“The water condition was very serious, we expect it to be worse,” Deal said in a statement.

“It is unfortunate that the ferry has to be closed and this is a direct result of this serious water situation.

We want everyone to be safe.”

Georgia Gov.

Nathan Deal tweeted this photo of his closure of his ferry service.

Deal closed his ferry, The Three Mile, in Georgia because of water and flooding conditions.

He called it “the worst situation we’ve ever had.”

Deal said he hoped that the service would be reopened soon.

Georgia Gov.

Mike Pence said on Twitter that the governor has been in contact with the governor of South Carolina about the incident.


Mike Parson tweeted about the ferry closure.

“The governor has called the governor’s office and offered his condolences,” Pence said.

“We have offered the full assistance and assistance we can to the state of Georgia, which is currently dealing with a significant water crisis.”

A spokesman for the governor said the governor was “monitoring the situation closely.”

“While we do not yet know the extent of the flooding, we have received reports of damage from the storm, including a road in one of our state’s most populated areas that was flooded,” said Jason Miller, a spokesman for Deal.

Georgia’s National Guard is helping with the response to the flooding.

A Georgia National Guard spokesperson told NBC News that they are “preparing to assist with all levels of government.”

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