The most dangerous fishing spots on the world

Fishing gear is a common sight on the island of Bass, a small island on the north-east of Australia.

The island has been a popular fishing destination for thousands of years, but recently its population has shrunk by about a third.

Fishermen are worried about the effects of the climate change and the impact it will have on the food chain, and many fear that the island will soon become uninhabitable.

I am going to lose everything and die in the ocean, says one fisherman, who does not want to be identified.

He told me he could not afford to lose his boat and fish because the fishing season on the Bass will not last for long.

He said that in Bass, there was always a line in the sand, and when there was an emergency it was always on the line.

“If you can’t make it out on a boat, you are going to die.”

One of the fishermen said that the fishing industry is going to go under in two years, and that he had no other option but to leave the island.

The man said that if there was a sudden change in the weather, the boats would not be able to get out.

The man said he could make it to Bass if there is an emergency.

But that he would not leave the mainland for another 10 years.

He told me that the boats are being hit by a combination of the weather and the pollution, and he is worried that the food stocks will be wiped out if the fishery were to go extinct.

A local government official told me the fishing communities are worried that if the climate warms, they will be forced to migrate to more remote areas in the mainland, and they will not be as prepared to deal with a warming climate.

The fishing industry has a long history of protecting its people and livelihoods, and in Bass they do not have a monopoly on fishing on the large islands.

In a recent study by the Institute of Public Affairs, researchers found that in recent years, Bass had been the second most heavily affected by climate change in Australia.

In the last five years, about one in 10 of the country’s 7,500 fish stocks were hit by changes in temperature, leading to the loss of fish species.

There are several types of species that can be affected by changing temperatures.

The most common are the bluefin tuna, which are found in the southern parts of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea.

In 2016, bluefin were estimated to be lost from the world’s oceans.

The fish are caught by a variety of methods, including by the use of trawlers and boats, fishing nets, and bait.

Tasmania’s Fisheries Minister, Tom McManus, has said that there is a good chance that by 2032, fishing on Bass will be at its lowest level since the early 1900s.

He has warned that the species could be gone by then, and says that the government is trying to prevent that from happening.

This year, the government announced a five-year funding package for the coastal community, including the rehabilitation of the Bass Fishermen Association, and the establishment of an economic development plan.

We have a long way to go in terms of the recovery of the fisheries in Bass.

It’s going to take a lot more than just a few years.

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“The Bass Island Conservation Area, also known as Bass Island, is a 1,300-hectare reserve that covers 1,400 square kilometres of the eastern Great Barrier coast.

It was established in 2009 to protect biodiversity and sustain native fish populations, and was later extended to cover the entire barrier coast from Bass to Cairns.

For more than two decades, the area has been the focus of a variety

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