Small Kitchen Island Ferryboat: An Islander’s Life in Pictures

I first heard about this ferryboat, which is located off the Long Island coast, in 2013 when a member of my family posted a photo on Facebook of the vessel.

I found it on Craigslist, and was intrigued to see if it could be yours.

The boat was listed as a $2,500-plus boat, with a price tag of $4,100, but I wasn’t willing to shell out $3,000 for the boat and hoped that I could get some other boats for my family.

Since then, I’ve gotten to know the boat’s owner, Paul J. Schaffer, and learned a lot about his family and their lives on Long Island.

As it turns out, the Schaffers live on a small island, but they have a beautiful, peaceful life.

Paul and his wife, Christine, are part of a family that lives on a tiny, unspoiled island off the coast of Staten Island.

They were raised in a traditional Indian-style home on the island of Plum Island.

A family-run business, the couple started the Schaffer Family Farms, a farm that supplies the family with all of their food.

In addition to producing the family’s produce, the farm is home to a full-time kitchen.

When I visited, I found that the Schafers were raising the pigs, chickens, and cows for their pig farm and beef farm.

Paul told me that the family is trying to stay on Plum Island as long as they can.

“The weather here is a bit different,” he said.

“But they are trying to get on the boat as much as they are able.

But even though Plum Island is so beautiful, the family doesn’t necessarily have much money. “

It’s really an incredible community, a beautiful community,” Paul said.

But even though Plum Island is so beautiful, the family doesn’t necessarily have much money.

“We don’t have much, maybe $500 a year,” Christine said.

Paul, who is currently working to build a cabin for his family, said he hopes to have enough money to support his family in the future.

“Our goal is to have a place to live and have food for the family for at least two years,” he told me.

“Right now, we don’t really have much.

It’s a very tough time for us.”

He said the family was trying to be self-sufficient but is struggling financially.

“There are a lot of people in our community that are struggling,” he explained.

“My wife has no job, and our youngest daughter is not getting her diploma.

We are not in a position where we can afford to go to college, and we have no money.

So it’s really a tough time.”

In order to keep the Schachners on Plum, the island is going to need to be preserved, as is the village.

This is a project that will require an expensive restoration of the island.

“They are going to have to take care of it,” Christine told me about the Schathers’ plan to preserve the village on Plum.

“That means removing it from the water and making sure that it doesn’t get wet and muddy.”

It was a challenging project to complete, but Paul said that they were confident they could do it.

The Schachters are not just a small family-owned business.

They are also a large family-operated farm, and they’re passionate about sustainability.

Paul said they believe that a successful farm can serve as a model for other families, and that they’re working on making Plum Island a model farm for other communities around the world.

“If we can keep Plum Island, it’s a model that can be replicated all over the world,” he added.

“Hopefully, other farms will start to take advantage of this opportunity.

We really believe that if we do it right, we can be the model for all other farms in the world.”

I’m not sure how successful the Schacherers’ effort will be, but it does highlight the challenges that can arise when people choose to live on land that’s been degraded by the development of development, pollution, and other environmental issues.

“I think we are doing the right thing by the people on Plum,” Paul told us.

“To live on the land that has been destroyed by development is a bad decision.”

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