Why the UFC’s Indian Creek Island Fight was so bad for its fans

There was something wrong with the UFC on Monday night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The fight was one of the most anticipated fights in recent memory, and the fights promotion was hoping it would be the first major event of the year.

The card had three of the biggest names in MMA fighting, the main event was headlined by former UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones and a fight between middleweight champ Alexander Gustafsson and the winner of their first meeting.

But instead of the usual excitement, the fight had a lot of empty seats, and fans were frustrated.

The UFC made a mistake.

They should have taken more chances with the fight.

The two-minute warning went out for the fight in the first round, and instead of building anticipation for the contest, it just got worse.

The crowd wasn’t even ready for the first three minutes, and as the clock was winding down, the fighters were already getting ready to take on each other.

It didn’t take long for Jones to start getting in the ring.

Gustafson, for example, was going to attack the champ from behind, and when he started swinging his legs, Jones was already moving his legs in his own direction, trying to turn the fight into a fight.

Then Jones started throwing the occasional punch, and Gustafs head got caught in the cage.

After the fight, Jones told reporters he felt bad.

The crowd was already booing him.

He apologized for that.

I know the fans are upset, he said, and I know that the media is going to be there.

He went on to say he didn’t mean it as a punch and that he wanted to show his fans he was a champion.

He got off easy and started his rematch.

But the fans weren’t so forgiving.

In a press conference afterward, UFC President Dana White said that he believed Gustafss actions were out of character, and he thought Gustafsen’s actions in the fight was unacceptable.

That led to a lot more criticism from the UFC, including a tweet from Jones saying he didn

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