When Is A New Year? Here’s What Happens After Christmas


— It was a bright, warm December day in Santa Monica, California.

It was the perfect day to get a glimpse of the new construction in front of me as I watched the new apartment complex for the home of the Los Angeles Lakers open up on the horizon.

It was the second time I had visited the new building, the $2.9 billion project that is going to house all the Lakers’ basketball training facilities, but this time the Lakers were not going to the team’s practice facility.

Instead, the new complex was going to be located in Santa Barbara, California, which is about 100 miles from Los Angeles.

This new facility will be home to the Lakers training facility for five years.

I was there as the building opened for business on December 1, and I was thrilled to see the new structure on the skyline, as well as the construction of the massive scoreboard, a new concourse and more luxury seating.

The Lakers are building their new arena in Santa Catalina, Santa Barbara County, just outside Los Angeles, as part of a $4 billion plan to build a $5 billion stadium in the Los Feliz area.

The new arena is going up next to the famous old Hollywood sign, and it is going be the home for the Lakers, who will move from their current home in Inglewood, California to Santa Barbara in 2021.

It is going very well, I was told as the gates opened for the first time.

The team’s training facilities will be built there, as they did at the old Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which closed in 2020.

The new building has the luxury of not being in Ingleside, which has a high concentration of older housing, which means it will be less congested than the current arena.

The arena will also be the place where the Lakers will practice, as the new training facility will include a practice facility, weight room and locker room, according to the Los Angels website.

A few weeks ago, the Los Angles Lakers visited the area to watch the Lakers practice, and they had a great time.

But it was only the beginning of the construction that is happening.

The Lakers will have the new arena built by 2020.

It will be the most expensive arena in the world to build, but the construction is going smoothly.

It will be a lot cheaper than the arena that is now being built in Ingletown, California — which will cost $1.4 billion to build.

The team is doing everything possible to make the building as beautiful as possible, and there will be new windows, new lighting and a brand new, $3.5 million LED lighting system.

The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, the Associated Press and other media outlets will be covering the groundbreaking ceremony in Santa Ana, California for the new facility.

It is a spectacular day.

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