Which Florida hotel is best for the Bahamas?

Florida has a long and rich history of hosting the Bahamas, and it is no surprise that the resort towns and resorts that line the shores of the state have been a major attraction for visitors from around the world.

But how many of the attractions that are best for locals are actually as good for tourists?

To find out, ABC News decided to take a look at the 10 best Bahamas resorts.

The results, which have been compiled by Lonely Planet, are as follows:1.

The Royal Palm Beach HotelThe Royal Palm Resort and Spa in St. Augustine, Florida, is a gorgeous destination, with a beautiful beachfront, a beach club, a restaurant, a waterpark and a pool.

The hotel offers a full range of activities, including spa, fitness center, spa treatments and swimming.

The resort is also popular with local residents, who can enjoy a wide range of entertainment, including movies, concerts and festivals.

The Resort also offers a wide variety of dining options.2.

The Atlantis Beach Resort and CasinoThe Atlantis Beach is the second largest resort in the Bahamas and is located just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

Located just two miles from St. Thomas, St. John’s, the resort offers a beautiful location with lots of restaurants, shopping and a casino, all of which are a perfect setting for a relaxing vacation.3.

The Palm Beach ClubThe Palm Beach Resort is a four-star resort located in the heart of St. Petersburg, and has more than 200 rooms, suites and villas.

The pool is a popular place for swimming and snorkeling, with an underwater volleyball court and a private beach.

The waterpark, which is free to enter, offers fun for the whole family.

The swimming pool is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing splash.

The beach is a favorite of the locals and visitors alike.

The best part of the resort is the water park, which has several games and rides.4.

The Riviera Beach ResortThe Riviera is a resort located about a five-minute drive from St, Thomas, and offers the best view of the Atlantic from the beach.

Its resort has a great restaurant, beach bar and a fitness center.

The Caribbean theme of the Riviera can be seen in many of its resorts, including the Caribbean Beach Resort, which features a pool and water slides.5.

The Doral Beach ResortDoral Beach is a 4-star, four-bedroom resort that features an outdoor pool, a fitness and spa center, a full-service bar and spa, and a full bar.

The island has an incredible beach view, with beautiful waves and waves of the Caribbean.

The sand volleyball courts are the perfect way to kick back and relax in the sun.

Guests enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, from swimming to volleyball, volleyball courts, volleyball tournaments, beach volleyball, beach games and other beach fun.6.

The West Palm Beach Country ClubA four-story villa is located on the grounds of West Palm.

The home is home to the Palm Beach County Sheraton, and features a lounge, a kitchen and a restaurant.

The luxury villa has a bar and restaurant, and is perfect for an entertaining night.

The outdoor pool is ideal for those wanting a romantic vacation.

Guests can enjoy pool and beach activities at the resort.

The best of all, however, is the Caribbean-inspired resort.

Guests will enjoy a full spa treatment with a spa treatment room, a spa shower, an indoor pool and a spa.

Guests also enjoy complimentary meals, snacks and beverages.

The villas and villa also offer spa services.7.

The Paradise Cove ResortThe Paradise Cove is a three-story, three-bedroom villa.

It is located right next to the Atlantic, which makes it perfect for a Caribbean vacation.

The large outdoor pool offers a relaxing splash and is surrounded by natural sand, creating an ideal setting for sunbathing.

Guests have the option of an indoor beach volleyball court or an outdoor tennis court.

Guests get a complimentary water bottle and the resort provides a full menu of snacks and drinks.8.

The Villa of the PalmBeaches, on the east side of the island, is also a perfect place for a romantic holiday.

Guests in the villa can enjoy the sun at their own pace, enjoy a spa bath and enjoy the view of St Thomas.

The palm trees, sand volleyball court, pool, spa and a patio make for an ideal experience.

Guests are able to enjoy the outdoor pool.9.

The B&H ResortThe B&amps is a luxury resort located near St. Croix, and includes an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a bar, spa, gym and dining.

Guests at the B&amping can enjoy spa treatments, tennis and beach volleyball games, as well as an outdoor playground.

Guests receive complimentary drinks, snacks, and beverages throughout the day.10.

The Bay Harbor Club

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