Which Falkland Islands War Photos Have You Seen?

Posted October 07, 2018 04:19:36 The war that has divided the Falkland Island and British-controlled islands since 1982 is not over.

Some islands remain under military control, while others are largely occupied by a multinational force of British troops and marines.

Here are the most popular war photos from the conflict, along with a rundown on the islands’ history. 

MARCH 18: Falkland Islanders protest the military takeover in Parliament Hill in Canberra. 

Falkland Islands military takeover (Wikimedia Commons/Johannes Verhulst)March 19: The UK announces it will send its first submarine to the Falklands in March 2019. 

(Photo by AP/Alex Ellinghausen)March 22: Falklands Prime Minister Ian MacKay addresses Parliament during a news conference.

MacKay says his government is prepared to “continue to protect our people and the islands”. 

(AP/Alessandro Bianchi)March 26: Falklanders rally against the military’s takeover in the Parliament building.

(AP/Alex Seidel)April 11: The United States says it will provide assistance to Falklands authorities.

(Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)April 12: Falklesia’s Prime Minister Margo MacLeod announces the UK will provide the first submarine fleet for the Falkas military. 

“We will continue to defend our island and our people, and our sovereignty,” she said. 

The United States will provide more than $1.5 billion in aid. 

April 19: Australia and the United Kingdom sign a deal to send submarines to the islands, ending a two-decade standoff over control of the islands. 

Australia will contribute a $1 billion “submarine insurance” package, while the UK is sending $500 million. 

British Prime Minister Ian MacKay reacts to a call by a Falklands leader for more help from the UK. 

Reuters (Reuters/Jason Reed)April 20: Falkoes Prime Minister David Johnston and US Secretary of State John Kerry discuss the Falklanders’ plight.

(Associated Press/Julian Smith)April 21: The British Government announces the creation of the Falkled Islands Defence Force. 

 The new military force will consist of between 3,000 and 4,000 troops. 

May 12: The U.K. announces a $25 million “submarines insurance” program to help pay for the delivery of submarines. 

Britain will send up to $1 million of its own money. 

In return, the U.S. and Australia will send their own submarines to join the force. 

March 26, 2020: Prime Minister MacKay signs a bilateral agreement to support Falklands troops.

The two sides sign a memorandum of understanding on military cooperation. 

July 9: The UN Security Council approves a resolution authorizing the Falkle Islands to declare independence. 

On July 11, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passes the resolution. 

August 2: Falkos Prime Minister Johnston signs the Declaration of Independence, which calls for independence for the British-occupied islands.

The declaration sets the date for the independence referendum scheduled for September 2018. 

September 2: The first referendum in Falkland’s history takes place in the capital, the capital city of Glasgow. 

October 8: The Falklands’ first civilian government, the Falkley Independent Residents Association, declares its intention to declare its independence.

The group, led by retired army colonel Ian MacLeod, claims the islands will be an independent country on January 1, 2021. 

November 10: The Supreme Court in the UK upholds a decision by the High Court in England and Wales to uphold the UK’s decision to end the British occupation of the island.

The Supreme House of Lords is set to meet later that day to consider the appeal. 

January 6: The military government of the United States declares its intentions to withdraw its military forces from the Falkles.

The U,S.

says it is withdrawing “without delay”. 

March 9: In a speech to the British parliament, the British Prime Minister says that he wants to “restore the sovereignty of the British people”. 

“It is my belief that our people are entitled to an independent, sovereign, prosperous and prosperous nation on this island of 3.4 million,” he said.

“It is time for the United kingdom to put an end to the nightmare of a failed occupation of our island.” 

May 15: The former Falklands president of the Senate, Mark Hurd, announces he will run for the presidency of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which is the only government of non-EU countries to be recognised by the United Nation. 

February 17: The International Court of Justice says the United Arab Emirates should recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

June 9: Britain and the U of A withdraw from a joint UN-backed regional council to form a new UN-led council to address the Falkbles’ future. 

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