What is the difference between a cash and an e-money lottery?

Here are the most common terms used to describe the various types of online lottery, as defined by the US Federal Trade Commission: cash: a digital currency or a digital token that is used to purchase tickets, including tickets to a lottery or to buy something else (such as a new computer) e-Money: a virtual currency or other form of payment, typically linked to the name of a lottery, that is not linked to a ticket purchase or the value of the prize purchased (typically at least as much as one ticket) lottery tickets: physical, paper or electronic tickets that are redeemed on the web or via mobile phones, tablets or other electronic devices, usually with the help of a machine, and typically redeemable for cash or other goods and services such as travel or lodging in exchange for prizes.

e-tickets: a form of digital lottery, typically in which a lottery participant sends an email address, a credit card number or other information, which a merchant or retailer then matches against a database of public records of the person’s financial history and/or other relevant information.

These records can then be used to determine whether a person is eligible for a prize, and for what amount.

For more information, see the Federal Trade Commissions Terms of Service.

(Read more about digital currencies and lottery terms) Online lottery sites have become a key part of the gaming industry and can generate huge profits for companies that run them.

But they can also lead to fraud and abuse.

The FTC, in addition to seeking refunds from people who bought a lottery ticket, also has launched a new crackdown on online lottery sites and their users, with a goal of deterring people from using them to buy illegal items or gambling.

The company has launched an online tool called the FTC Ticket Fraud Toolkit, which is designed to help people identify and report suspicious online ticket purchases.

This tool will provide information about suspicious ticket purchases to law enforcement and regulators, as well as help customers avoid becoming victims of ticket fraud in the future.

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