Can you get a penguin for $2 million?

A lot of people have been searching for a penguins nesting site in Madagascar, hoping to purchase a pair of penguins.

But a lot of them are going to have to wait a while to find one.

The first penguin nests were discovered in the island of Kambangan last year, and since then, they’ve been found in at least five other areas.

The penguins are considered endangered.

The island of Madagascar has some of the world’s most dangerous and unstable ecosystems, and the country has had several outbreaks of coronavirus.

The government in Madagascar has recently launched a nationwide program to identify and rescue penguins from the island, which is home to an estimated 2,000 penguins and has a population of around 1,400.

The program was launched to help restore penguins to the island and provide protection from climate change.

The country is also home to the most endangered rhino species, and there are concerns that climate change will increase the population.

Kambangan is the largest penguin colony in the world, but the island has had to deal with many changes as the country is forced to import food from neighbouring countries.

The islands main food source is locally grown crops.

The government has made it a policy to sell local fruit and vegetables in order to keep the island going.

The penguins nest in a cave that is deep in the jungle, and they prefer the cold and dark.

However, many locals say that the penguins do not want to live in such a cold environment, and it has been causing problems for the island.

The island has been a tourist attraction for the past couple of years, and tourists flock to see the penguin nesting sites.

The colony was recently closed to the public for two months due to a coronaviruses outbreak.

But after the island reopened, many visitors have come to visit, and now there are more penguins than ever.

The price for the penguinas nest has been estimated at around $2,000, which includes the cost of the penguinis nesting, a penguini cage, a small enclosure for the birds and a small tank.

The habitat for the animals is also protected, and penguins will not be allowed to leave the island without permission from the government.

The conservation agency has already secured a penguina to help the island to thrive, and some of its residents are planning to get the penguina.

“I think the penguini colony is a very important conservation area for the country, and I’m sure that the government will take all measures to ensure that penguins get their habitats back,” said Adria Kambanga, who works with the conservation group Wildlife SOS Madagascar.

She says that the colony was in a bad spot from the start, and that the people who managed to find a nest in the first place were not properly trained.

The zoo will be the next target for the government to locate the penguinals.

The zoo was closed last year due to an outbreak, but since then the zoo has been reopened.

The new director of the zoo, Kambango said that the zoo will now be able to manage the penguines well.

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