How to build a 3D-printed drone and save $5,000

The most advanced 3D printing technology in the world is coming soon to your kitchen.

With the introduction of the Parallax-X printer, manufacturers can now print their products in multiple layers of plastic to increase their efficiency.

This is something the Parallex X3, a $3,500 drone that has a 360 degree camera system, was designed for.

It uses a two-pronged printer that makes up an array of different layers.

With this method, the printer is able to print an object in less than two hours, compared to about two weeks using traditional printers. 

With the ParaPax X3 being the first consumer-grade 3D printer, the Paravax X-Series is also a step forward.

Paravacx’s X3 features a 360-degree camera system. 

Its design also makes it ideal for small objects that require the ability to be printed in multiple different layers at once.

ParaMaxx’s Paravact X3 is also designed for a smaller, less expensive price tag. 

The Parallact X-3 will be released in the next few weeks.

It is a 3-axis printer that can print objects up to 60 cm wide, and can print them in 3D at up to 90% accuracy.

It has an ultra-low manufacturing cost and is capable of printing in both ABS and PLA, and will be priced at around $1,000 USD. 

According to Paravacoin, this printer has the highest print quality of any consumer 3D printers currently available. 

ParaMaxx also offers the Parastax X, which is a higher resolution printer with a maximum print speed of 1.2 mm/s. 

Parallax X has also introduced a new 3D scanning system called the Paracetix X3.

It allows users to scan objects from up to 10 feet away, allowing them to create complex, 3D models in a matter of seconds. 

There are many 3D scanners that offer different features, but Paracetax X offers some of the best, including the ability for the user to scan a surface at the same time as printing. 

If you are looking for a new printer to build your next product, there are many companies offering 3D printed products.

If you have a 3d printer, what is your favorite to 3D print?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Image Credits: Para Maxx, Paravaca, Parallacx, Paracax, ParaMAXX

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