Disney Cruise Line Offers ‘Frozen’ Tour of Frozen Islands

Disney Cruise Lines is bringing a “Frozen” tour to the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Oahu and Hawaii, in addition to other destinations in the Pacific and Atlantic.

Guests will get the opportunity to explore “the Frozen Islands” with a view of the Ice Kingdom, a Frozen Adventure, a frozen food stand, an ice cream shop and a frozen movie.

The tour also includes tours of “Furthest Coast” and the “Frosty” Frozen Kingdom.

Disney Cruise line, which has been working with the Disney Imagineering Company to develop a tour of the islands, said it will be a two-day, one-hour tour. 

“It is an incredible experience for visitors to the Frozen Islands, where they can experience the iconic Frozen Story, as well as see a new Frozen Adventure that is not yet available to visitors on the islands,” the tour description states.

“Frodo and his friends will be joining forces with Elsa and her friends to explore the Frosty Frozen Kingdom, while a Frozen Movie is set to be released.”

Disney said it is the first Disney Cruiseline to make the “frozen” tours available in the Hawaiian islands.

“We have worked closely with Disney Imagineers to create a Frozen tour that will offer visitors a unique and unique experience,” the description continues.

“The tour includes an interactive journey around the Frozen Kingdom to experience all the different locations and attractions within the Frozen Story and the Frozen Adventure.

Frozen is the world’s most beloved Disney animated feature and we are honored to be able to offer this special experience to our guests.”

Disney also announced that guests will also be able see “a brand new Frozen movie, Frozen Fever,” during the Frozen tour.

It is not clear if Frozen Fever will be available for viewing at the same time.

Disney says the Frozen Tour will include a live performance from The Kaleidoscope Choir and an interactive tour of some of the locations that are currently open for tours.

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