‘Lucky’ Leo’s Coney Island will receive a new name after Leo’s Island news

It was the perfect place to get out of the cold and enjoy the fresh air of spring.

Leo’s Cony Island was one of the most iconic locations in Ireland in the 1920s.

It is a large island in the Shannon Bay and its location was well known by the local people.

Its location was also known as a ‘cunning place’ and many of the locals used to make their homes there.

It was also the home of some of the biggest celebrities of the day.

The island’s most famous resident was Leo, who was famous for his colourful costumes and his love of playing the flute.

It is believed that Leo’s cousin Edward played the flutes for the islanders.

The islanders were known to dress up as the famous stars and their costumes would last a lifetime.

The town of Galway was named after Leo in honour of his wife Mary.

This name was chosen because the town was named in honour on the same day Mary was born.

Leos favourite daughter, Lady Louise, lived on the island and loved to dance and to make friends.

She also had a collection of flute pieces and was very popular.

Leoes daughter, Elizabeth, was also a big star and was married to the famous actor William Randolph Hearst.

She had been an actress before her husband’s death in 1919.

Her husband William Randolph was a famous Hollywood producer, and he and Leo married in 1921 and had four children together.

He was a member of the Hollywood Screen Production Association (HSPA) and was known for his roles in films such as The Catcher in the Rye and The Big Sleep.

He also made a name for himself as an actor in films including The Woman Who Wasn’t There and The Muppet Show.

Elizabeth married Leo in 1922 and they had three children together, Leo’s first and second children were born in the year.

They also had the eldest son, Leo Jr.

Elizabeth died in 1937, Leo Sr died in 1947 and Leo’s third son, Jack, died in 1959.

Leo Sr’s wife, Mary, passed away in 1983 and Leo Sr was left to raise Jack alone.

Leolas eldest son Jack Jr died in 2001 and Leo Jr’s oldest daughter, Rose, passed on in 2012.

Leolas daughters eldest son and daughter-in-law are still alive, as Jack Jr is in good health.

Leo Jr has been given the title of the island’s best man in honour, and Leo has said that he is looking forward to spending more time there.

In addition to being famous, Leo also had some pretty eccentric neighbours.

The village was once called the ‘Lunch Place of Ireland’.

Leo’s favourite place was in the town of Kilkenny where the family spent most of their time.

Leomans favourite daughter was the great-grandmother of his first wife, the famous actress Mary MacLeod.

She was also one of his favourite actresses.

She is buried at Ballygawley, County Galway, in a plot of land called the Leomans Wood.

The plot is now used as a memorial for the actor.

Leigh Corrigan is a journalist and author.

She tweets @LeighCorrigan

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