What’s Next for the Future of Easter Island

With the advent of a global tourism industry, Easter Island’s island paradise is set to be a tourism attraction again.

The island, which is now part of the British Virgin Islands, will again be the world’s biggest tourist destination, and the island has seen an incredible growth in tourism over the last couple of decades.

Now, with more than 1,000 tourist sites in the island, tourism is set on a path to reach a peak of about 6,000 tourists per year.

The Tourism Authority of Easter Islands says that tourism is expected to reach 5 million visitors per year in 2023.

The islands tourism industry is set for a boost with more and more tourists visiting and the growth of tourism is driven by the popularity of tourism services.

This year, the Tourism Authority said that more than 2,000 sites were added to the island’s tourist map, with over 100,000 visitors visiting.

The tourism boom has seen Easter Island rise from a small fishing village in 1950 to a tourist hub in the years since, with its islands attractions attracting tourists from around the world.

The number of tourists has also grown, with Easter Island now considered to be the second-biggest tourist destination in the world, after the UK.

Easter Island tourism has been boosted by the recent influx of tourists from Europe and Asia, and a rise in the number of mainlanders who want to visit the island.

With more than 5,000 island sites, the island is also the world leader in island-specific tourism services such as cultural events, tours, and festivals.

But while the island attractions are growing, many locals still feel the tourism boom is taking a toll on the island and the culture.

With the tourism industry growing, the number who are happy to be on the islands is increasing, which has contributed to the decline in the popularity.

Tourism and the Island Tourism industry is booming with an estimated 5,500 islands visited annually, but the island still has some areas where the tourism is low.

In 2017, the islands population grew by 2.3 percent to about 1,100,000 people.

This is due to the increased number of tourist sites and the increased availability of tourist services.

Tourism in the Island tourism industry also has a negative impact on the environment, as the islands natural resources are heavily impacted by the tourism, which also destroys the island environment.

The Island Tourism Industry in the Islands, the UK, and Europe A key reason for the growth in tourist sites on the Island is the increased population, which the island also has now reached a critical mass.

In addition, more and further tourists are also arriving in the area.

With a peak population of about 50,000, the population has grown by a quarter over the past 20 years.

The increase in tourists is also contributing to a decline in local economies, as more and so many people have moved to the area, making the island dependent on tourism.

While there is a small but growing number of local people who are interested in tourism, the local economy suffers.

The tourist industry has a significant negative impact and has been linked to the tourism downturn.

A recent report by the Royal Society of the Royal Horticultural Society, released in 2017, estimated that tourism in the islands was one of the main causes of economic decline.

The report estimated that the economic loss from tourism alone had been estimated to be between $2.4 billion and $5 billion a year.

There has been a lot of debate about the impact of tourism on the culture and history of the island in recent years, as well as its impact on tourism in general.

In 2015, the British-based charity Archaeology Watch released a report which noted that there are strong links between the tourism and the decline of the local economies.

The study said that the tourist industry in the UK has a huge negative impact for the island economy.

The researchers found that tourists from outside the UK are now only visiting Easter Island as a tourist, rather than as a means of economic development, and that the impact has been felt by the islanders.

According to the report, a loss of between 1.5 and 5 percent of the economy could be felt by local businesses, and another 10 percent could be seen as a “dramatic reduction in the local population”.

The Tourism Association of the Islands said in a statement in 2018 that “the tourism industry does not generate sustainable local jobs.

Tourism has a detrimental effect on the local culture and on the cultural life of the islands, including the tourism sector and the tourism industries in general”.

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