The top five islands in Ecuador

Cook Islands are one of the best places to eat in the world, but the region has also experienced a lot of deforestation in recent years.

Now, the island nation is facing an environmental disaster.

Captiva Island is one of these islands, and it has a history of deforestation, according to a report by the conservation organization Survival International.

It is one the world’s top 10 places to live.

Cook Islands conservation director, Paul Loepp, told CNN’s Piers Morgan that the island is home to many indigenous cultures.

The island is also home to a thriving tourism industry, with people from around the world coming to visit the pristine and beautiful island.

“It is very important to highlight that we are not just a tourist attraction, we are also a source of wealth for the local economy,” Loeppe told Morgan.

“And so the tourism is the main thing that is helping to support the economy.”

Conservationists hope to protect the island’s environment and create jobs by encouraging tourism.

Loeppo said that the current tourism industry is helping Cook Islands to diversify its economy.

He said the tourism industry would help the island to develop into a tourism destination.

“This is a major tourism sector in the country and we hope to build a very vibrant tourism sector that will contribute to the economic growth of this country,” Loespp said.

“So it’s a big win for all of us.”

The island was once the largest commercial island in the Western Hemisphere.

In the past, people from all over the world had come to the island, and tourists from all around the globe have come to visit its famous island resorts.

But the deforestation has led to a loss of the natural vegetation that once covered the island.

This resulted in a loss in biodiversity.

Conservationists want to save the island from being destroyed and preserve its natural habitat.

They want to prevent the destruction of the island and its unique wildlife.

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