The island of Pitcairn Island may become a US military base

Posted September 09, 2018 08:59:24 A new plan for the tiny Pacific island of the same name may be the latest indication of how President Donald Trump plans to protect his military bases and facilities from foreign threats.

Pitcairns owner and former President Joe DiMaggio is the latest person to join the Trump administration in seeking to move his base.

“The president wants to keep the United States at home,” said DiMattos brother, Chris DiMuggio, who serves as a political adviser to Trump and is a member of the President’s National Security Council.

The plan was first revealed last week when the White House asked for advice from its civilian advisory council on the island’s location and its potential for potential military use.

It is unclear what other countries will be interested in the island, which is surrounded by a reef that has been home to some endangered animals for millennia.

DiMaggios son, Mark DiMoggio, is the only current member of Trump’s Cabinet to be stationed on the tiny island.

DiMoganos son is also the chief executive officer of the company that owns the island.

He has not said whether he will pursue a bid to secure the island for the U.S. military, which has been looking for sites in the region.

In an interview with ABC News, DiMagio said he wanted the Trump family to be able to protect the island as part of its mission to help maintain the United Nations and other global organizations.

He said that Trump and his team are working hard to ensure that this is an area that’s still valued by the United Nation and the rest of the world.

While the White White House has expressed openness to the idea of moving the family base to the island — DiMaughos daughter, Tiffany, is a senior advisor for the administration — the move could face a lot of opposition in Congress.

On Monday, members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which manages the Defense Department, told Trump they oppose the move.

They said the administration’s proposed plans for the island are “unacceptable” and would hurt our national security interests.

Democrats, meanwhile, have said that the island would be a vital asset in the U:S.

war effort against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which controls large swathes of the Middle East.

But the plan faces a long road toward passage, and it’s unclear what Congress will do in the coming months, as Trump’s administration has yet to announce plans to move the base.

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