‘We are going to do it again’: NY mayor’s plan to bring back New York City bars

NEWPORT, N.Y. — — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to unveil his new plan to revive New York’s iconic bars, cafes and restaurants — and the fight to save them from the brink of extinction.

In a Tuesday interview with the New York Post, de Blasio laid out his plan for a new renaissance of the city’s drinking establishments, a strategy that would bring back many of the original functions of the bar, cafe and restaurant scenes.

De Blasio, who’s expected to unveil the plan to the public later this week, said he’s not the first to envision an effort to bring bars back.

In the early 1980s, the city was inundated with liquor stores, restaurants and bars after the closing of a major liquor company.

The New York Times reported that the city had more than 5,000 bars and restaurants when it opened in 1882, including bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and even a nightclub called the Golden Gate Hotel.

But, by the late 20th century, more than half of the restaurants in the city were closed.

DeBlasio is looking to bring New York back to the spirit of its pre-industrial past by opening a variety of restaurants that have been around since the 19th century.

He is proposing to open three restaurants and a bar in each of the boroughs, including Staten Island, which has a population of about 16 million people.

The new restaurants would be built by Brooklyn-based architecture firm MOC Architects, which designed the New Orleans Saints’ Superdome in 2010.

It is also proposing a bar and restaurant at the site of the former Hotel du Monde in Manhattan.

“We’re not going to be a destination for tourists or a bar-restaurant town,” de Blasio said.

“But I think that if you’re going to bring people back, you’re not just going to have to have the best restaurants, you have to do that.

I don’t see any other way to do this.

The bar is going to thrive in this new economy.”

De Blasio said he plans to use the money he receives from the state to help build the new restaurants and bar, but he acknowledged that some of the funds would be used to reopen bars and pubs that were closed because of economic reasons, such as the closing in 2011 of the iconic Café Americain in the Financial District.

He also noted that some funds will be used for renovations of existing bars.

While there are currently two bars on Staten Island — the Caffe Romano and the Lava Cafe — and three on Staten, there are no restaurants on the island.

The city is currently trying to get rid of five bars, including the popular Biltmore, which closed in 2015 after more than 30 years in business.

The Lava Café is one of the few remaining restaurants on Staten island that still serves lunch.

The mayor also said that he will try to reopen two more bars on the Island, a former pizza joint and a former burger joint called the Pies, which was closed last year after a fire.

He said he will build three new bars on Island Island, including one at the New Jersey Maritime Museum.

“The idea is to get back to those neighborhoods that we lost,” deBlasio said.

The Times reported last week that de Blasio would unveil his plans for a revival of the old New York bar scene in his second week in office.

But in a Tuesday appearance with the Post, he declined to give a specific timeline for the plans.

DeLois said he wants to see the city become “a destination for families” and “a place where people go for the outdoors.”

The city has long had an outdoor dining scene, but the Times reported this year that the number of outdoor dining venues declined in the first quarter of this year.

The mayors office declined to say when the plan will be presented to the city council.

The plan also calls for closing all of the bars that are still open, including restaurants, cafes, bowling alleys, and bowling lanes.

It calls for renovating a former bowling alley at the city park to be called the Lazy Bowl and to create a new outdoor bowling alley in the Bronx.

The mayor also announced that the New Yorks version of the Harlem Globetrotters will move to the Bronx and open a sports and entertainment complex in the park.

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