How to Save an Island from an Ocean of Destructive Tropical Storms

A new kind of tropical storm that has been brewing off the coast of Puerto Rico has reached its epicenter in the southern Caribbean island of La Paz.

The storm, dubbed Maria, is currently packing the highest winds and rainfall in its recorded track.

It is a Category 4 storm, making it one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded.

The National Hurricane Center reported that Maria is moving towards Puerto Rico at a speed of 25 mph.

It will be the strongest storm to make landfall on the island in over two decades.

Maria is packing the strongest winds and precipitation in its record track. 

In a new video, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, and now its making landfall in the Caribbean island. 

The storm is currently bringing heavy rain and gusty winds that are hitting the capital of Puerto Ricans capital, San Juan, and parts of other islands in the region.

Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla said Maria was moving “at a speed exceeding 25 mph.”

He added that the storm was already packing winds of more than 60 mph and the storm surge that is expected to hit the island will reach 100 feet. 

Maria is forecast to strengthen to a Category 5 storm by late Monday night, the National Hurricane Centre said.

Puerto Ricians are bracing for more rain and strong winds as Maria makes landfall, and the island is already bracing. 

At least one island has already passed its storm surge threshold, the US National Hurricane Centers hurricane center reported.

In a video posted on Twitter, Puerto Rico Gov.

Alejandro García Padilla announced that Maria’s path was heading towards Puerto Rican territory.

Padilla also said that the island would need to be prepared to withstand another “very dangerous hurricane” in the future. 

“We are prepared to respond to a storm surge in excess of 50 feet,” Padilla wrote on Twitter. 

Padilla urged people to evacuate the islands and urged all Puerto Ricas to take shelter in place. 

#PuertoRicoGov: Puerto Rico is ready to evacuate, it is not safe.

Prepare to be relocated!

#Maria. #pueyricabuela — Governor Alejo Padilla (@GovAlejo) September 27, 2018 Puerto Rico President Sergio Garcia Padillas has asked the US military to assist the US government in the preparation of the island.

“This is a very dangerous hurricane,” he said.

“Our government will not be able to contain the storm.” 

Padillas also said he is calling on the US Congress to provide funding to help the Puerto Rican government. 

 “If Congress does not act to support the government of Puerto Rican sovereignty, the storm will cause catastrophic damage and loss of life, and it will devastate Puerto Rico,” he wrote. 

Aftermath of Maria: Puerto Rican citizens, the American citizens who are in the U.S., and Puerto Ricos people are being left behind in a storm that is making landfall, Puerto Rican Governor Alejandrina Sánchez said.

She also called on Americans to remain in their homes and avoid the hurricane-prone areas. 

As the hurricane approaches Puerto Rico on Monday night and Tuesday morning, the island has set up an evacuation center, a Twitter feed and a Facebook page for people to report any evacuations or requests for help.

Puerto Rican officials said that it has been a “crisis of massive proportions” with nearly 1,300 people needing to be evacuated from the island, according to Reuters. 

More than 3,000 people were already on the ground in the capital city of San Juan as of Tuesday morning and at least 685,000 residents were expected to be forced to leave, according the National Governor’s Office. 

Hurricane Maria has now made landfall near Puerto Rico’s capital, Puerto Cero, and has since made landfall just south of the US Virgin Islands.

Puerto Cercos Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz said Maria is expected as a Category 3 storm and that the wind speeds are expected to reach up to 100 mph. 

Santiago Perez, Puerto Ricoló, a spokesperson for the US Army Corps of Engineers, told the Associated Press that the hurricane is headed in the direction of Puerto Cerveñas. 

Puigos National Guard said that Puerto Rico needs to be “extremely prepared” for the storm, as they are preparing to provide “all necessary assistance” to the island as well as other communities in the US. 

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