The U.S. is not willing to allow U.N. to take military action in Jeju Island

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected calls to deploy U.B.E. troops to South Korea in a bid to defuse the nuclear crisis over South Korea’s controversial plan to deploy nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in the disputed region.


Secretary of State, John Kerry, will deliver a report to the U.


Security Council on Wednesday outlining how the U-B.e. plans to handle the threat posed by North Korea.

The U-N.

Security council on Thursday will also discuss South Korea and North Korea’s potential deployment of U.D.R. ballistic missiles, which the U.-N.

has warned will cross the “red line” and constitute a nuclear attack.

May said she would not be drawn into a discussion over military action against North Korea, although the U!


has repeatedly threatened to use force against Pyongyang if it continues to threaten the U,S.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres said.

“We do not want to do anything that would be militarily or politically provocative, we have no interest in military intervention,” Guterrez told reporters at the U.,S.

and EU summits in Brussels on Wednesday.

The South Korean government has vowed to deploy the UBS-designed BMD system to the disputed island of Jeju, a key U. S. ally in the region, as a show of force to China, which has accused Seoul of trying to seize the island.

But U. B.E.’s plan has sparked outrage among South Korean allies, including Japan, South Korea, and the U .

N. mission in South Korea.

UBS has acknowledged that it will not take part in the deployment, but its chairman and chief executive officer, John Hock, has been widely quoted as saying that he would like to see South Korea do the same.

May has said she has “serious concerns” about South Korea deploying BMD to Jeju because of the UB!s intentions to use it to launch a nuclear strike.

The British government has repeatedly said it does not want the U !

B.U. military to take part, but a U. U!

B.C. spokeswoman said the U B.C.-U.S.-Korea agreement “requires the participation of a U B .

C. representative” in any U. K. decision-making process.

“As soon as we see that it is possible to resolve the situation diplomatically, then we will consider it,” she said. ___ ___

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